Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette is one of the best games to take advantage of in online casinos. Players try live dealer roulette casino games for their variety and their personal touch. With an online roulette live dealer, the roulette wheel comes alive. Also, with many online casinos, there are not that many differences in how a player places a bet. For the most part, the methods are the same; this creates a consistency to live dealer roulette games that players love. Of course, some sites have a better live roulette experience, with good talkative and helpful dealers and generous bonuses that will give you a lot of extra money when you deposit and during your play. To find which online casinos are the best for live roulette, visit

Playing from Home

When a player chooses a live dealer roulette game instead of a basic roulette game there are a number of advantages. A computer does not randomly generate the results like it does in a basic roulette game. Live dealer roulette casino games give players that personal touch of results derived from what an actual roulette wheel turns up. For players wanting to feel like they are at a flashy Las Vegas casino spinning the roulette wheel rather than at home, this is great fun. Also, gameplay is faster than it can be with another live dealer game such as blackjack.

Speed of Gameplay

Players are forced to make their bet within a set time limit in a game of live dealer roulette, meaning they do not have to wait around at busy casino times to make a bet like with blackjack. Although gameplay is faster with live dealer roulette, there are a few downsides to playing a casino game of roulette with a live dealer. Gameplay is still not as fast as it would be in a computer game of basic roulette. Impatient players can see this as something of a disadvantage. One alternative to relatively slow live dealer casino games is to go and play the slots .

Many of the best casino bonuses appear to come from a game of live dealer roulette not just because of the jackpots on offer, but because of the personal aspect of actually having a live dealer spinning that roulette wheel instead of a computer.