About IBAS

The organization called the independent betting adjudication service or IBAS came into being in the year 1998. It is considered to be third party based organization which settles disputes that arises between the gambling establishments that are registered with the IBAS and the customers in United Kingdom. This organization was actually a part of Green Seal Service of Sporting Life and was previously known as independent betting arbitration service. The word arbitration was dropped from this organization's name in year 2007 by this company, whose head was CEO Chris O' Keeffe and instead opted for the term adjudication for reflecting its role in a better manner after enacting the Gambling Act of 2005.

This organization deals with many sectors of gambling which include betting exchanges, betting shops, betting intermediaries, greyhounds, lotteries, gaming machines, online gambling, greyhound stadia pool betting, totalisator betting and mobile gambling. This organization has commitment towards ensuring fairness and impartiality to both the parties. It also looks at each of the case independently. It adjudicates each case depending upon its merits and does not take account rules framed by the bookmakers. It maintains and manages comprehensive and updated register consisting of bookmakers, who are members and who declare to abide by rules of IBAS in case of betting disputes.

It maintains an expert panel which possesses necessary understanding and experience of providing authoritative arbitration. It provides appropriate attention and due care to all kinds of disputes. It guarantees confidentiality with respect to all communications taking place every time in the course of this process of arbitration. All these disputes then are referred to this service by IBAS form of arbitration on which all details of this particular dispute are provided. This organization does not prefer to settle disputes over telephone or in person under any type of situation.